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Seashells Seamless Pattern - 074


This seamless pattern is available for licensing for commercial use.

Upon purchase, the editable digital source file of this repeatable pattern will be immediately available for download as a ultra high-resolution, 6000x6000px, layered Photoshop PSD file which can be used to generate custom colorways by changing the background color.

Plus, all colorways seen on this page are included as separate JPEG files for your convenience.

Licensing Options:

Commercial License (Non-exclusive):
✅ The Non-Exclusive Commercial License ONLY allows you to use the Licensed Artwork to create up to 500 units of physical products (or 500 square meters of total length, in case of fabrics, textiles, or wallpapers) for sale or other types of commercial use (e.g. promoting a business, product, or service by making corporate gifts) for up to 2 years after purchase date.

✅ Suitable for direct manufacturing of physical products for sale, by the licensee only. These products include, but are not limited to, stationary, clothing, shoes, accessories, notebooks, greeting cards, stickers, product packaging (boxes), mugs, stamps, candles, posters, signs, wallpapers for home decor, kitchenware etc.

Extended Commercial License (Non-exclusive):
✅ The Non-Exclusive Extended Commercial License offers the same usage rights as Commercial License, but with no limitation on the number of items or length of fabric created for sale for up to 3 years after the purchase date. For the sake of clarity, you can use a Licensed Artwork under Extended Commercial License, for 3 years, to manufacture and sell an unlimited number of products or unlimited square meters of fabrics, textiles, or wallpapers for sale.

The Licensed Artwork can only be used by the Individual or Company (Legal Entity), as indicated at the time of purchase.


In general, use of the Licensed Artwork for ANY purpose other than what is listed above is prohibited.


❌ Digital Products: Using the Licenced Artwork to create any type of digital, non-tangible, or digitally distributable product for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Digital products including, but not limited to, designs, social media images, online advertisement, website elements, online and mobile applications, wallpapers for digital devices such as phones or tablets, digital publications like digital magazines, cards, digital papers, etc.

❌ Social Media: Sharing or posting the Licensed Artwork on social media accounts, websites, applications, and other online channels in their original form at any resolution is strictly prohibited.

❌ Print On-Demand Services: Any use that allows others, such as an end user, to customize a digital or physical end product using the Licensed Artwork is prohibited, whether for commercial or personal use. This includes, but is not limited to, “print on demand” or “made to order” services and applications and websites, including but not limited to service like: Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6, Spoonflower, and all websites, applications, or services with similar business model.

❌ Trademark: Licensed Artwork may not be used as part of a trademark. You are not allowed to -- and shall not seek to -- register, protect, or enforce any trademark or similar rights in the Licensed Artwork.

❌ Copyright: You may not claim the Licensed Artwork (or a modification thereof) as its own copyrighted work (the original Licensed Artwork must be disclaimed in any copyright registration).

❌ Resale or Sub-Licensing the Licensed Artwork or any modification of it in original form or source file format is strictly prohibited.

❌ Resale or Sub-Licensing of the Licensed Artwork or any modification of it in a way that is directly competitive with the original Licensed Artwork is strictly prohibited.

❌ Wholesalers and Intermediaries Prohibited: Using the Licensed Artwork for the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of textiles or raw materials, for sale to other businesses or individuals for their subsequent manufacturing into final products, is strictly prohibited. This license allows for direct manufacturing of final products only. The licensee (Individual or Company as indicated at the time of purchase) must be the final manufacturer of the goods on which the Licensed Artwork is used.

❌ Making public or sharing the Licensed Artwork in any way that allows others to download, screenshot, extract, or redistribute Licensed Artwork as a standalone file is its original form is strictly prohibited. For the sake of clarification, an example of such prohibited usage would be to share or post the artwork in its original form, without watermarks, on social media accounts, websites, or as part of online advertisement, to promote the physical products created with the Licensed Artwork or for any other commercial or non-commercial purpose.

❌ Falsely representing authorship and/or ownership of the Licensed Asset is strictly prohibited.

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