For Procreate on iPad

My Custom Watercolor Brushes for Procreate


I've been using Procreate to paint my watercolor style floral artworks for some time now, and due to the increasing demand from my audience, I have finally decided to make my custom brushes available to the public. 

These are the same brushes, stamps, and paper textures that I have customized over time for myself and use them to paint the artworks you can see on my Instagram, and I hope that they will help you create beautiful artworks as well :)

  • 18 Custom Watercolor Brushes
  • 8 Custom Stamps
  • 4 Watercolor Paper Textures

The brushes work with Procreate app version 5+ on iPad & iPad Pro

Note: The images included on this page are examples of what I have painted using these exact same brushes, stamps, and papers, but I can't gurantee that you can paint exactly like I do simply by using these brushes. These brushes are just tools, and your results depend on your own artistic style, painting skills, and level of experience with the Procreate app.

This is NOT an online course. There's no training included in this package.

Installation Guide:

1. You need an iPad or iPad Pro, with Procreate app, and Apple Pencil

2. Make sure you are using Procreate version 5 or higher, and your iOS is up to date.

2. Download the .zip file and either save it directly to your iPad or save it on your Macbook and then AirDrop it to your iPad.

3. On your iPad, locate the folder containing the ZIP archive and tap on it to extract the contents.

4. There is one .brushset file that contains all brushes and stamps, and there's a "Papers" folder containing 4 paper textures which are.

5. Click on each of the files to import them automatically into Proctreate. 

6. To use paper textures, simply click to import the file into Procreate, and then start painting on the layer with the title: "Paint Here". 

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